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Company profile

ZHYI Science and Technology Electric Corproation Limited is an integrated enterprise in the electric field with the functions of scientific research,desigh,development,manufacture and sale.Our factory mainly manufactures intelligent electrical soft starter,frequency converter,double power automatic transfer switching equipment,surge lightning protector whole set of equipment ofo high and low voltage and other series of products.The products are widely used for transmission distribution,thermal power generation,metallurgy,chemical industry,construction, papermaking,mining,and urban and rural power grids,and other fields.

Our factory follows the principle that science and technology are the primary productive forces from the beginning of its foundation and attches great importance to the investment in scientific research.It not only employs first-class technology,research and development talents,but also cooperates with Zhejiang University,China JiLiang University and other tertiary institutions and some research institutions in order to keep the products of our company in the forefront of technology.

Our company attaches great importance as well to the quality of the products besides the investment in scientific research.Concerning hardware facilities,the company established a modern factory,and introduced first-class production lines and advanced testing equipments.As to the software environment,the compang actively adopts advanced management models.At the beginning of the founding of the compang,it begins the certification work of qualigy management system while pursuing policy an objective management,statistical techniques management,TQM,5S activities to strengthen the internal quality management.The continuously improved and perfected quality management system greatly enhances the compang’s ability to provide stably the market with high-quality products.Compang also has obtained the national mandatory’s ability to provide stably the market with high-quality products. Company also has obtained the national mandatory "CCC" certification and the ISO 9001:2000 quality management system certification.

Now,with the help of a first-class team of research and development,management and sales,"Zhongyiese" is carrying out the expansion plans on a large scale and is establishing a standardized sales network and comprehensive after-sale management sysetm,and is trying to make our compang a leading guide of operating environment standardized management in the intelligent electrical industry in China.

In the future,the goal of "Zhongyiese" will always encourages members of the team to move forward "Zhongyiese" look forward to cooperating with you and producing better performance.